Transload Services

Transloading: An Overview

Transloading encompasses the practice of transferring pallets, machinery, and various shipments between destinations, employing multiple transportation modes. When considering transloading, one might initially think of the movement of commodities from foreign nations via maritime freight carriers. Once the ship docks, the cargo at the harbor undergoes a shift to awaiting trucks, which subsequently journey to storage facilities and distribution hubs.

At MainOcean, we extend transloading services across our Charleston, Greer, and Savannah sites. Furthermore, transloading proves invaluable for relocating machinery and resources between work sites, as well as transferring goods from one warehouse to another, or even to the ultimate consumer locations. It’s important to differentiate cross-docking and transshipping, which rely on a singular transportation approach for product movement. For instance, a single truck might transport freight partially across the nation before the shipment is reloaded onto another vehicle for the remainder of the voyage. Should this solution align with your requirements, MainOcean stands ready to assist you.

Varieties of Materials Transferred Through Transloading

Transloading methods exhibit no constraints on the types of materials suitable for shipping. A diverse range of industries including aerospace, military, communications, construction, chemical, food, and retail, among others, can effectively employ transloading approaches. Among the wide array of goods frequently transported using this method, some include:

Construction materials: Such as lumber, metals, cinderblocks, bricks, sheetrock, loose gravel, and natural stones.

Warehouse merchandise: Including palletized freight, shipping containers, boxes, general merchandise, small appliances, and equipment.

Oversized cargo: Encompassing military equipment, military vehicles, aerospace components, telecommunication equipment, transformers, and heavy machinery.

Specialized freight: Encompassing hazardous chemicals, hazardous materials, cryogenic substances, as well as temperature-sensitive or climate-controlled shipments.

Advantages of Transloading Operations

Leveraging a transloading warehouse to facilitate the movement of goods and shipments yields a spectrum of benefits for businesses. This distinctive approach can seamlessly integrate into your logistical strategies, ensuring that products meet their intended destinations according to established schedules.

Key advantages encompass:

Enhanced supply chain flexibility: With customers situated across diverse and remote locales, transloading within logistics introduces a variety of options for secure and efficient shipment delivery. It empowers you to select the most suitable transportation method based on available routes, liberating you from the constraints of a single mode of transport.

Reduced overall expenses: This methodology grants control over fuel and transportation expenditures. Incorporating rail service for a portion of the journey substantially curbs fuel costs, given that rail cars consume a mere quarter of the fuel compared to exclusive road transport. The transition to road transportation ensures swift and streamlined deliveries by utilizing trucks.

Consolidated freight: Transloading facilities facilitate the aggregation of sizable cargo volumes onto fewer rail cars, resulting in cost-effective resolutions. If your materials or products are dispersed across multiple manufacturing sites but share a common destination, each truck can converge at the transload facility along the rail line. As the train progresses, halting at each site, goods can be systematically loaded into the same freight car, coalescing items while en route to the destination.

Optimize Your Logistics with our Transloading Solutions

Integrating our transloading services into your logistical operations empowers you to strategically chart transportation routes, unlocking the full potential of your supply chain to ensure punctual product delivery while maintaining budgetary constraints. You gain the flexibility to choose the most appropriate transport method for your cargo, facilitating seamless movement from point A to point B based on size and weight. Moreover, the option to consolidate shipments at any stage of transit further enhances your operational efficiency.

Consider this illustration involving rail-based transloading for a more concrete perspective. With an extensive track record spanning decades, MainOcean boasts comprehensive insight into the railroad sector, encompassing adept management of lead times and rail car unloading. Our footprint extends across major urban hubs nationwide, directly connected to Class 1 railroads, where our expertise lies in transloading – the seamless transition of goods from rail to road.

What makes us a good transloader:

  • Port Proximity
    • We have facilities strategically located near port terminals to offer the most cost-effective transload opportunities
  • Our own Dray Fleet
    • We control the dray from the terminal to our facility which allows us to schedule the most efficient way to maximize throughput and reduce cost
  • Equipment capacity
    • We have slipsheets , clamps, drum gear and numerous other special handling attachments that allow us to handle any type of cargo the customer may have
    • We have a heavy lift capacity of up to 55,000 pounds to handle cargo no matter how big or small
  • Experience
    • Our teams are familiar with all cargo types because we place a high value on having highly skilled, permanent employees and a very low turnover rate. Our training is extensive and our standards are high
  • Flexibility
    • We pride ourselves on being able to accommodate the specific needs of all of our partners. With our wide range of services and we can tailor a program to meet the most demanding needs of our partners
  • Regional Presence
    • By having multiple facilities in the Southeast we can pivot to other facilities when cargo is routed to other ports and provide the same level of quality and service